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Posted on 28th May 2012 in Best Man Speeches

Set of speech bubbles to use for your best man speech ideasWhen you are the Best Man at a wedding, you are expected to make a speech at the reception, the same way that the Maid of Honor, the Bride, and the Groom are too. And while best man speeches vary depending on the culture, the situation, and the best man’s relationship to the couple, among others, there are four basic things to include in a Best Man speech.

If you still are clueless at what you should write in your speech, especially the essential stuff you should write about, then better take a closer look at the most elementary best man speech ideas below. Take note that everything mentioned in these list are REQUIRED to be put in your speech. They’re not optional, so better take down some notes.


Introduction of Self.

While a lot of the people in the crowd will most probably know you, not everybody will. No one is going to introduce you formally either, so you must state your name and who you are in relation to the couple. You can do this in a form of a funny joke or a witty remark. Always do this at the beginning of the speech. Also, make the introduction as short and as simple as possible. Here is an example of a best man introduction:

  • “Hello guys, my name is Andrew, and I am this wedding’s Best Man. I would like to formally begin my speech by saying that by marrying Sandra today, Andrew will have discovered marital bliss, which simply means you’ve been given the privilege to annoy one single person for the rest of your existence!”


    Compliments to the Bride.

    The Bride has done massive preparations for this event, especially on the way she looks. You must recognize that it took a lot of hard work for her to look truly ravishing at the day of the wedding. Therefore, you must dedicate a portion of your speech to compliment her. Compliment the bridesmaids as well. Here is an example of such a compliment:

    • “Sally’s taste is outstanding; just take a look around you and see. The bridesmaids are stunning beautiful and yet Sally somehow manages to outshine them all today! And not only that, she’s so secure in her beauty that even in the middle of the Chelsea Botanic Garden where acres upon acres of flowers can be seen, all eyes are still on her! I hope you are always as happy as you look today.”


      Stories About Your Friendship With the Groom

      Usually, the Best Man is chosen by the groom because they’re close friends or are brothers. Therefore, it is imperative that you demonstrate why they chose you as a Best Man. You can do this by declaring how long you’ve known the groom and how much you enjoyed the times you were together. Of course, you can do this by ribbing him in front of the crowd, just in jest. They expect you to do the routine “character assassination” portion where you try to make light of the groom’s decision to marry. Here’s one joke that is commonly said by most Best Men:

      • “As per tradition it is now time to share to you my experience with Harry and give him probably the most awkward five minutes of his life. Don’t worry though, later this evening Samantha will also come across the most awkward five minutes of her life, thanks to Harry.”


        Thank Yous.

        It is your duty as the best man to thank everyone for coming to the wedding, and to thank people for making the event possible. This includes being thankful for the honor of being the Best Man, thanking the cooking staff, the decorators, simply everyone behind the wedding. An example is this glowing quip below:

        • “A wedding is a festivity of happiness. It is also the time where families are entertained in the most engaging way possible. As you may notice the newly betrothed couple has clearly gone over the hill in preparing this wedding and they’re setting a very tough act to follow. Nonetheless I know you will also agree that nobody deserves a celebration like this more than Annie and Louie.”



          You will cap off your best man speech with a toast, something to help inspire both the groom and the bride. You must always wish them the best in their marriage and a happy life ahead of them. You must not forget this, as this is in all honesty the most crucial part in your speech. Your toast can either be a simple congratulation, a quote, or a line from a poem. Here are some toasts you can use to end your best man speech:

          • “We want to thank a couple of people who helped in realizing and organizing such a momentous occasion in all of our lives, in particular, Lorry and Crystal, the newlyweds. Without you, really, this wouldn’t have been possible, and we wouldn’t be here today. I would like to close by saying that there are two secrets that make successful marriages last: a good sense of humor and a short memory. That is also the secret to enjoying this speech.”
          • “To the lamp of love – may it burn brightest in the darkest hours and never flicker in the winds of trial. We wish you every success, to Paul and Linda.”


            Other Best Man Speech Tips

            Book Cover for a Best Man Speech Ideas ebookThere are still tons of other best man speech ideas you can try out that are readily available online. If you are unsure of what to do for your best man speech, then be sure to check out the link below for tons of truly helpful best man speech tips, especially for those who are nervous during public speeches:

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