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Posted on 28th May 2012 in Bride Speeches

Bride Speeches from a Beautiful BrideBride speeches are rare occurrences in weddings, so it’ll be difficult to find a lot of bride speech examples online. However, there will be some brides who’ll want to speak during the reception, so if you’re one of them, or if you’re helping your friend who’s gonna be a bride in a few weeks, then I’m here to help you!

All wedding speeches contain four essential elements, and bride speeches aren’t an exception. They all contain the following: an introduction of some sort, the “thank you” portion of the speech, the body, and then of course, the toast. The difference in bride speeches is that a huge chunk of the body will be dedicated to talking about the groom and the happiness of marrying him. So if you’re ready, here are some ideas on how to make bride speeches more memorable and entertaining!

Bride Speeches: Introduction

The introduction of any bride speech will be unique in the fact that you will have to address why you’re speaking in front of the crowd when it’s unusual for brides to make a speech at the reception. Also, unlike most speeches you do not need to introduce yourself anymore as it will be quite obvious who you are, given that you’re the bride in this wedding. Also, out of courtesy, say that your speech will be quite short (you should also make sure that your speech will be shorter than most of the wedding speeches).

Below are some examples of how you should begin your bride speech:

      • First of all, I know it’s not typical for the bride to speak and make a speech at the reception, and it’s especially weird for me to speak before the groom, but anyone who knew even just a tiny bit know that it is impossible for me to be quiet and so I just have to let my feelings out through this speech!
        Don’t worry though as I’ll try to keep this as short as possible – I know you’re excited for the speeches of the other distinguished guests present today, and also I’m excited to see my Dad dance on the floor.
      • Many of you may be asking the same question: why is that Bride making a speech?! Well, for one reason, I talk too much and I would fidget out if I won’t be able to speak today.
        For another, I’ve always known that it is not difficult to get my two penny’s worth in so here I am today! I also wanted to say thank you to those deserving in my own words.

Bride Speeches: Thank You

As you are the bride, it is logical that you’re the one who’ll be most thankful for everyone who helped this wedding become a success. It is okay if you just thank everyone in general, and not go specifically as to who you’re thankful for. However, if you feel like thanking your closest buddies or saying sweet words to your mom and dad, then feel free to do so. Just make it short and sweet.

Here are some “Thank You” anecdotes that you may find great to add in your own speech:

      • First of all I would to thank the guests and the different families for coming, and thank you for these amazing wedding gifts – we’ll definitely open them even before we go out for our honeymoon.
        I realize that a lot of you made some adjustments to their schedules and traveled from far-flung places just to be here, so I just want to let you know that we appreciate it truly.
      • Karen here is my Maid of Honor, and she happens to be my best friend as well, although she has this habit of confusing new people at my workplace by introducing herself to them as my life partner.
        Nevertheless, she has been a great and true friend to me in the past ten years and we’ve been through the good times and especially the bad ones – often together. She is definitely one of a kind for me. Thanks Karen. I hope this goes some way to making up for the Bridezilla act.

Bride Speeches: Body

Now here is where the waterworks will come bursting in into the scene. It doesn’t have to be forcefully emotional, but it should be honest and should come straight from the heart. For good measure, you should first start talk about your brand new husband, and how happy you are that you have finally married him; next talk about your parents and your family, and thank them for having raised them the way that you are now; lastly, talk about your groom’s parents and his family, and why you feel happy about being part of them now.

Below are some examples on how brides handled this very emotional part of bride speeches:

      • Mom, it’s simply indescribable how much you mean to me. I owe you the entire world and words will never be enough to say how much I love you. You are the epitome of the popular phrase “my rock”. In my life you have always been my inspiration, role model, my secret keeper, and my biggest cheerer. On the other hand, my dad taught me the most invaluable thing in the world: that sport is very necessary! This is one thing that I know will help me prolong and maintain the good state of my marriage to Carlo! All jokes aside, it’s normally said that daughters usually marry a man very similar to their dad, and that’s quite accurate – my dad is gentle, generous, caring, devoted, reassuring, compassionate, and most importantly, a great hugger too, just like Carlo!
      • Let me also elucidate the fact that today I have gained a new pair of “mom and dad”: they are Anthony and Lois. Both of you have made me feel very welcome right from the very first day we met, and for that I feel lucky that you are my brand new in-laws. I would like to thank the both of you for raising Michael so well. Rest assured, I shall love him the way that you did. I am led to believe that there is no sort of warranty card for him, is this right? No?
      • The last but not the least, the reason that I’m standing here in front of you today is because of my husband, Eric. All you really needed to do today was shave and turn up. Miraculously, you did! And babe, you look wonderful. I don’t think I’ll ever love another man the same way I love you.

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