Father of Bride Speech: Some Tips to Make Your Speech Great

Posted on 28th May 2012 in Father of the Bride Speeches

Father of the Bride with daughter before his Father of Bride SpeechTo have the Father of Bride speech in your daughter’s wedding is such a great honor, and happens very rarely in any man’s lifetime. Therefore, you should make the best possible speech you can ever give. If you are not a showy person and don’t like to be emotional often, this is your one single chance to express all the love you have for your daughter and your family grandiosely, and this is also the only chance where you are permitted to cry! So you should get the best out of this moment.

However, a great speech requires great preparation. You have to prepare for what you have to say, and more importantly, how you should say it. Most fathers just go and grab the mike and say some seldom intelligible words. Also, a lot of fathers get nervous and giddy once they speak in front of a large crowd. If you want to avoid embarrassing yourself in your daughter’s most beautiful day, you should equip yourself with some public speaking knowledge and prepare your script for the speech.

Below I’ve written some of the most important tips to follow to make your Father of Bride speech a very special and memorable one:

1) Be honest about your nervousness.
Confront your nervousness! Realize that this is a hindrance towards making your father of bride speech an effective and entertaining one. This will also be your wake up call to really get the correct mindset towards creating your speech.

2) Prepare your Father Bride speech!
In preparing your speech, you can scour the entire Internet for jokes, quips, tricks and advices, like you’re doing now. There is this one site where an entire package of never-before-heard speeches and jokes are kept; you can locate it on this link here.

After that, don’t totally write your speech out yet. Make an outline for it first, as it will help you speed up the writing process. This will also ensure that you get to include everything that needs to be covered in your speech. If you really don’t have any idea on what to write or you aren’t that great of a speech writer in the first place, I suggest you go visit this link (Click Here) for complete pre-made father of bride speech templates.

3) Practice your Father Bride speech!
Even though you’ve gotten a bit older, that doesn’t give you any excuse to do some memorization and familiarization. Practice your speech over and over. That doesn’t mean you need to memorize everything verbatim; just get the feel of what you think should never be forgotten in your speech and how long you should speak. Also, a great technique to do is to bring some note cards during your speech, so you’ll know the flow your entire father of bride speech.

4) What to do during the wedding
During the wedding, practice time is over. What you need to do is to settle down and focus on being the host on the wedding. Welcome the guests, the visitors, talk to the people behind the wedding, coordinate everything. Just be cool and focus on other stuff while the wedding is going on. This is why it is necessary that you practice your speech beforehand. It’s not appropriate to practice it on the day of the wedding.

5) What to do during the speech
Here are some tips you should follow to counter nervousness during the speech:

      • During the speech, if you are nervous, be open about it! It will be a source of laughter and it’s often times a great opening spiel.
      • If you feel like your knees are shaking, it is a good idea to lean onto a table. However, never sit down. Standing is the only acceptable way of making a Father of Bride speech, or any wedding speech for that matter.
      • You will be bringing your note cards with you, so if your hands will be shaking while holding the cards it will be fairly noticeable. What you can do is to leave the cards on the table and then read from there. You can also start just gesturing using your arm so the shakiness goes away. Holding your hands behind your back is not a good idea, as it will hinder you from creating great non-verbal communication.

These are just some of the tips that you should follow in order to ensure that your speech will be an entertaining and memorable one. Just remember: keep it honest, keep it sweet, keep it short, and you’ll never go wrong.

Ebook with a good father of bride speechIf you still are quite unsure if your prepared speech is any good, or if you feel like your jokes aren’t funny enough, you can check out this site for loads more tips and advices. They’ve already helped a multitude of fathers survive their father of bride speeches; they can definitely help you. The link is below in case you want to know more:

How to be witty and well prepared at your daughters wedding when giving your speech

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