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Posted on 28th May 2012 in Father of the Bride Speeches

Use these father of the bride speech examples to deliver the perfect speech at your daughters weddingIf you are the Father of the Bride, and you’re preparing for your own speech right now, then you may be wondering what kind of speech works best for your personality. Of course, different fathers have different types of attitudes, and this should be reflected on the content of their speech.

Generally, however, there are three kinds of father of the bride speeches – first, you have the humorous format (where it’s just hilarious all the way), second, the sentimental speech (where you talk about things seriously from the get-go up to the final toast), and third, a hybrid mix of both. Let’s take a look at some Father of the Bride speech examples and determine which will work best for you.

1. Hilarious Father of the Bride Speech Examples
If you are known as quite a character in your community, then this should be the easy pick for you. Your speech will be riddled with lots of jokes from beginning to end, but always with a lesson and a hidden piece of advice at every jest. Of course it would be great if all the jokes you’ll be making will be your own, but it will help a great deal if you find a lot of wedding-related jokes online or even from friends. Here are some sample jokes that you can use to send your audience into pure hysterics:

        • My wife says I never listen. Or something like that.
        • Eighty percent of married men cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe.
        • I would like to thank you all for coming here today to celebrate my daughter’s wedding. Just for your information the seating arrangement has been specially organized with all of the people that bought large presents being placed towards the front and those that bought cheaper smaller presents at the back.
        • Early in your marriage you will find it difficult to get the last word in any discussion. With time, though, you will learn how to always get the last two words in every discussion; just make sure the words are: ‘Yes dear.’

Just remember this: an audience in the wedding is the easiest audience to please, so just go on and on with the jokes and they will never fail. Just find proper comedic timing and use the element of surprise to your advantage.

2. Serious Father of the Bride Speech Examples
Of course, not all fathers like being the “comic” or the “funny dad” at occasions; they’d rather make their speeches memorable, simple, and sentimental. If you are this kind of dad and you are not a fan of too much comedy, then the serious, sentimental speech is for you. It will involve lots of heartwarming stories, lots of genuine encouragement, and generally just sweet compliments to everyone, especially the couple. You may also want to end your speech with a poem as your toast. Here are some father of the bride speech examples that you can draw inspiration from for your own speech:

        • I raise my glass and toast my daughter and the man she has chosen to be her life companion. A father sometimes doubts this day will ever come, and sometimes he fears it. My daughter is a princess to me, and will always be my little girl. May happiness and joy be with her, always.
        • A toast to my daughter. She was a gift from God and I will always be grateful to have been given the honor of being her father. May God continue to bless her and her new husband and grant them safety, love, and happiness all the days of their lives.
        • I raise my glass to toast my daughter, Julie. She’s dreamed of this day since she was a young girl, and now her dream has come true, complete with her very own Prince Charming. Julie and Mark, I wish you much love and happiness in your new life together.

3) Hybrid of Funny and Serious Father of the Bride Speech Examples
It is great to strike a balance between hilarious and sentimental in your speech, and personally, this is all that fathers should aim for in writing a Father of the Bride speech. You should start off hilariously, and then slowly transition into the serious parts, especially when you’re already giving them advice.

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