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Posted on 28th May 2012 in Father of the Bride Speeches

Father of the Bride with his daughter before his Father of the Bride SpeechFor most weddings, the father of the bride would usually foot a large part of the wedding’s bill, therefore he often times functions as a host. Therefore, as a form of propriety he will be given the opportunity to say the first speech at the reception.

Now, if you’re the father of the bride and this is your first time to attend a wedding in that position, you may be asking yourself, “How shall I perform my speech? What should be included? How long should my speech be?” Well, don’t worry; today we’re going to discuss with you what Father of the Bride speeches are all about and how you can create one specifically suited for your daughter’s most beautiful day.

As such he’s the one who’s tasked to address the guests formally and welcoming them to the wedding. He is also going to be the first one to thank everyone who helped in realizing the success of such a momentous occasion.

In order for you to get a more concrete idea of how your speech as father of the bride should go, I have prepared an outline for you below. Keep in mind that these are all necessary parts of all Father of the Bride speeches – you shouldn’t omit anything out.

1. Welcome and Introduction. It is necessary that you introduce yourself even if a lot of people already know you as the father of the bride, just for the sake of formality. Thank everyone for coming, and recognize those who’ve come from far places just to attend. Emphasize how much their presence made this wedding more special. Thank everyone who’s also behind this event. Finally, say a few congratulatory words about the newlywed couple.

2. Talk about the Bride. You are going to talk about your daughter first; after all, she’s closer to you and you will have a great deal of stuff to share about her. Compliment her and on how beautiful she looks on her wedding day. Talk about her life, starting from she was still a kid up to the way she is now. Avoid stories about ex-boyfriends or humiliating experiences, though… Your speech should be about portraying your daughter as being the best daughter you could ever have.

3. Welcome the Groom into the Family. The Groom is now officially your relative in-law. First of all you must welcome him and congratulate him and tell the rest of the audience why you approve of him as your daughter’s husband. Tell them the story of how you were first introduced and how you got to know him better as time went on. If you feel like you have similarities with the groom, go ahead and include that in your speech. Conclude this portion by congratulating him for being part of the family now, and if you can, give him some advice about marriage and taking care of your daughter.

4. Say Thank You to Everyone Involved. As you are playing the unofficial role of “host” in this wedding, it is your task to recognize the efforts of everyone involved especially the minister, the florists, the cooks, the decorators, and everybody else who helped in making arrangements. Thank the families, and whenever you can, compliment them specifically for what people have done. For instance, if you believe that the food was great, compliment the kitchen staff. If you think that the bridesmaids are beautifully dressed, say it.

5. Make a Toast. Finally, you’ve come to the final bit of your speech. Your toast should consist of well-wishing and congratulatory remarks, said either in jest or in full sentimentality. It should be brief and sweet. In making a toast, ask everyone to raise their glass to accompany you in wishing the betrothed couple a life of luck and happiness.

Basically, those are the five parts all fathers should include in their father of the bride speeches. If you can notice it’s fairly simple and shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to speak everything out (although it’s highly probable that you will exceed the five-minute mark). So, begin writing that speech today so you can familiarize it in advance! Be comfortable with your material by practicing it beforehand.

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