Groom Speech: The Essence of Groom Speeches

Posted on 28th May 2012 in Groom Speeches

Groom delivering a Groom Speech for his BrideHere is one great tip in making a groom speech: always remember that it is not about you. It’s not about the audience, either (although an array of thank-you’s will be in order). It’s not about your parents, your bride’s parents, or the families that have arrived in order to celebrate with you.

A groom speech, by principle, is about the bride, and how thankful the groom is for having married such a wonderful woman. Once you figure this out, writing a groom speech will be particularly easy. You will definitely find it easy to share stories about your wife, and to describe your feelings for her to the rest of the world (or in this case, the audience at the reception).

So, which things about your wife should you include in your speech? Here is a guideline that you can follow so you won’t miss out on any details about your life story with your newlywed bride:

1) How you met your wife.
Ever seen the TV show “How I Met Your Mother”? It’s essentially like that, albeit shorter and doesn’t consist of 20-minute episodes. People like a good meet-up story, so you better give them one! It can be sweet and romantic, or slapstick funny. It depends on your preference.

2) Her qualities that made you fall in love.
What is it about her that made you fall down to your knees in the first place? This is something that you should not forget to include in your speech. Talk about her funny qualities, or attitudes that are unique to her, or some idiosyncrasies of her that you find funny and lovable at the same time. Talk about how beautiful she is!

3) How you proposed to her.
You can also include in your groom speech the exact method that you took to propose to her, and how it felt when she said yes to you. Proposals are always sappy stories that will really please a lot of people effortlessly, so if you feel comfortable sharing this private moment to a lot of people, then you should go for it.

4) How happy you are being around her.
This one’s a no-brainer. You married her for a reason right? You should include that in your groom speech. That way, you can effectively demonstrate why you and your wife are a perfect pair and why this marriage makes sense.

5) How you will make her happy.
As the husband, it is your job to make your wife happy in the marriage. Emphasize how you will fight for the marriage as long as you’re alive. Stress out too that you realize that this is a lifetime commitment and you’re ready to do whatever it takes.

6) How thankful you are that she married you.
Your wife did something that she will probably only do once in her life is you get this marriage right. So you should profusely thank her for choosing you to be her husband!

7) How beautiful she looks today.
She will most definitely put a lot of effort to become the most beautiful woman in the crowd on this most special day. Don’t just gloss that out. Endlessly praise her for her beauty, and tell her how she exceptional she is on her wedding day.

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That’s it guys! These are some of the most crucial things that you shouldn’t forget on talking about your girlfriend on your groom speech.

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