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Posted on 28th May 2012 in Maid of Honor Speeches

Maid of honor holding bride's veil before giving her maid of honor speechHello there, future Maid of Honor! I know you’re here because you’re looking for some Maid of Honor speech examples all over the web. Well, guess what? You’re in luck today! I actually have some example topics that you can use to pad your speech with funny, memorable, and witty anecdotes! (If you want to know more hilarious one-liners instead, you can click HERE).

So, are you ready to be filled with cheesy wedding knowledge? Let’s begin! Here are the top Maid of Honor speech examples of topics that you can and should use for your own speech:

1. Stories that the bride shared to you about the groom. – As the Maid of Honor, you’re expected to know some of the stories the bride may have shared to you about the man she’s marrying. You can use these stories (especially embarrassing stories she has about the groom!) to contrast how it seemed so unbelievable at that time that it could come to this.

2. Funny story while growing up – If you were the bride’s childhood friend, or if you were her sister, then stories like these will be plentiful. You just have to choose one that the audience can relate to, and also something that is totally funny (but not necessarily humiliating).

3. How you and the bride met – Stories like these serve as “backdrops” as to why you were chosen to become the Maid of Honor. You can emphasize the length of the time that you two have known each other, and if your first ever meet up was interesting, you can include it in your speech, provided it’s not too long or irrelevant.

4. An embarrassing moment you and the bride share – Remember, when talking about hysterical, embarrassing moments, always keep the decency in check. You want to make the audience laugh, but not at the expense of the most important person in the room, the bride. Just skip this topic altogether if you’re not a cracker of jokes or if you don’t want to humiliate anybody in the slightest.

5. How beautiful the bride and groom look together – Of course, this is a staple in all the speeches that are done on the wedding. But don’t just say some repetitive stuff about how beautiful they are, try to be unique and honest and point out why they are perfect for each other.

6. Talk about an attribute of the bride that the husband will have to deal with – Of course as the bride’s friend you already know some of the quirks and habits of the newlywed. Find some really interesting ones and then share it to the groom during your speech.

7. Tips and Advice – Again, the secret in pulling off these parts of your speech correctly is uniqueness and creativity. Don’t just use whatever it is you find online or on magazines. At least you should find ones that are extraordinarily rare or you can just create your own!

8. Toast – The toast should be simple, short, and sweet, but at the same time memorable. If you are quite of a jester, you can also make your toast into a funny one, provided that once you come to the very end of your speech, it turns out seriously. You can wish for their success, their happiness, or for them to have lots of babies.

These are just Maid of Honor speech examples that you can include in your own speech. Of course, there are tons of other topics I may have skipped, but these are the most common and most important ones.

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