Maid Of Honor Wedding Speeches and How to Write Them!

Posted on 28th May 2012 in Maid of Honor Speeches

Maid Of Honor and Bride before her Maid Of Honor Wedding SpeechBeing a Maid of Honor in a wedding is always an honor, but it is also a very, very difficult task. You have to be mentally and emotionally prepared for such an endeavor especially in preparing and delivering the Maid of Honor wedding speeches.

Now, as with all speeches in weddings, the typical Maid of Honor wedding speeches consist of the introduction, the “thank you” portion, the body of the speech, and then the toast. How it differs from other speeches is generally on the content. Let’s take a look on what most Maid of Honor speeches look like in our guideline below.

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You don’t expect everyone to know you personally, so formally introduce your full name and state as to what capacity you’re speaking in front of them, i.e. as the Maid of Honor. Share to the audience how you are related to the wedding’s bride, and if you’re close to the groom in any way, you can also explain how you are related to the groom.

In this portion, you should emphasize how thrilled you are and honored that you’re going to make this speech. Also, right from the bat you should declare your praises of the bride’s beautiful appearance on her wedding today. Profusely compliment her on her dress and makeup. And also, thank her for choosing you to the Maid of Honor on this most special day.

Thank You
As the preceding speakers have probably already thanked everyone in their own speeches, it is okay not to go overboard with the Thank You’s. You can, however, add a spiel so you can thank everyone in one fell swoop. You can also just simply mention their names and not really expound on what they have contributed on this wedding (as the best man and the other speakers may have already done that). Of course, if the previous speakers have forgotten to thank somebody, don’t forget to thank them especially.

Now this is where the magic will happen on your speech. As most Maid of Honor wedding speeches, the topics mostly revolve around the bride, although the groom should also be involved to a degree. This is where you share all the stories you have about the bride, how you met, or the stories she shared about the groom, or how you can’t believe it that your friend is finally getting married. Especially, you should also say how this marriage was meant to be and why you could see that the bride is totally meant for her groom. This is also where you give some pieces of advice about marriage and love and how to make the marriage last a lifetime. And of course, if you have some jokes to tell the crowd, this is where you will say most of them!

All Maid of Honor wedding speeches are ended with a toast, especially a short and endearing one. It doesn’t necessarily have to be funny or witty, as long as it’s sentimental and sweet, and celebrates the marriage and the years to come. What you need to do in this phase is to ask the audience to stand up, raise their glass, and mention your toast. You can use marriage and love poems for this part as well.

Cover for an Ebook about Maid Of Honor Wedding SpeechesThere you have it, the key parts of all Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches. If you would like to know exactly what to put on these parts, and you are having problems doing the introduction or finalizing your toast, then I have an excellent guide that I could recommend for you – it’s on the link below. Everything you’ll need for your wedding speech will be there, so don’t forget to check it out!

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