Mother of the Bride Speeches: Don’t Include These Four Things!

Posted on 28th May 2012 in Mother of the Bride Speeches

Mother of the Bride and her daughter laughing before her mother of the bride speechMother of the Bride speeches are really fun to do, especially if you’ve been looking forward to it for the better part of the decade (am I right, moms?) So really, there’s not a lot of preparation that you need to do right now, because I am sure that most moms already knew what they will be saying during the wedding immediately after their daughter was born.

Most Mother of the Bride speeches are done without a lot of practice and the things mothers end up saying are generally out of impulse. While this is not necessarily a bad thing (as it’s good to let your emotions take over to make your speech truly memorable and one-of-a-kind), there is a tendency for you to say some irrelevant, humiliating, tedious or boring stuff that can dampen the spirit of the crowd while you’re doing your speech.

Therefore, you have to prepare! You have to know which topics you should refrain from tackling on. Here is a sample cheat sheet you can use as reference. We hope you’ll learn something out of it!

1. Mother of the bride speeches should never contain any jokes or antidotes that embarrass the bride or are at her expense.
Always, always remember that this is your daughter’s day, not yours, not your husband’s, not your family’s, but your daughter’s. Therefore, she should feel perfect during her wedding. It is your task to make her look and sound perfect to the people’s eyes, and you should do the same during your speech. You may be tempted to include a truly funny anecdote concerning your daughter, but if it is embarrassing for her or if it is something that she chooses not to talk about, you best stay out of it. I’m sure there are still lots of funny stories about your daughter that don’t involve ridicule or such.

2. Don’t include stories that will evoke any really sad memories that might take away from the upbeat mood of the wedding day.
You should also remember this! Sad stories are never great in weddings. While you may be tempted to include one sad story because of the emotional impact it has, it just doesn’t sync with the theme of happiness and hope that weddings usually have. If you want to address the recent death of a relative, tell it in a commemorative way, not in a depressing way.

3. Don’t include stories about her previous love affairs, even if they’re not offensive.
Because the truth is, the groom will still take offense, simply because of the fact that you’ve managed to put your daughter’s ex-boyfriend/s into discussion. The wedding is simply no place to discuss any one of them, so for precaution, just steer clear of their names in your speech.

4. Don’t inhibit yourself from lavishly praising your daughter’s beauty on her wedding day.
If possible, praise her in every aspect every chance you got during your speech! Compliment her wedding dress, her make-up, how she looks in general, her talents, her skills, or her goodness – simply everything about her. Indulge yourself! Don’t withhold whatever nice and great things you have to say about your daughter. After all, it’s her wedding day. As a mother, it’s your duty to help make her shine and let everyone know how proud you are of her.

Those are just some of the things you need to avoid during Mother of the Bride speeches, but I’m sure there are still a lot of precautions and reminders to consider.

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