Sample Maid Of Honor Speeches for All Kinds of Maid-Bride Relationships

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Maid of Honor speeches are great because the content of the speech depends largely on what the relationship of the Maid of Honor is with the bride.

Maid of Honor and the Bride looking beautiful

As such, most sample Maid of Honor speeches are tailored according to the different kinds of relationships brides and maids can have. Here are some of the most popular sample Maid of Honor speeches and the most essential things to include in your speech, given your relationship with the bride:

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1. Old High School/Childhood Friends
A very crucial element in these sample Maid of Honor speeches is recounting a very funny memory in the distant past that you shared with the bride. This is necessary as you must show your connection with the bride. A very common memory would be the times you played together as kids, or the fun you had at school.

2. Sisters
It is very common for a bride to simply pick her sister to become the Maid of Honor, and if you are at that position right now then congratulations! You are at a very special position as you know your sister at a very different level, so use this to your speech’s advantage. You can tell the crowd something that you knew about your sister which a lot of people didn’t know (provided that she’s okay with you divulging that particular secret). You can also emphasize how she is as a sister and as a member of the family.

How to put a lifetime of memories into words

3. Coworkers
Chances are, if you’ve been chosen as a Maid of Honor in spite of the fact that you met each other as officemates, you’re particularly close to the bride. Illustrate how she is at work; elucidate to the crowd her positive work qualities.

4. Cousin/Close Relative
This usually happens if the bride doesn’t have a sister and you have a strong relationship to the bride even if you’re just cousins. So you should emphasize this! Tell her how lucky you are to have her as your cousin, and that the relationship you have is unique and great (because connections like these are really uncommon if you take a look around).

5. College Friend
If you’ve met the bride from when you were in college, you can use this as a vantage point by saying “Well, I may not have known from when you were a kid like most people in this reception do,” or something to that effect. It is also highly likely that the bride met the groom during college so if this is the case for you, you must include your role in their relationship while you were still in college.

6. Sister-in-Law
It is not so common for Sister-in-Laws to be making speeches for the bride – you are, after all, more close to the groom than the bride. So before you accept the invitation to become the Maid of Honor make sure that you can handle it and that you think it’s appropriate. If you think you’re close enough to the bride, then go make that speech. Of course, you need to elucidate how your relationship is with the bride knowing that you’re the groom’s sister.

7. Best Friend
Undoubtedly this is the simplest, most logical choice for Maid of Honor, and for the majority of weddings the best friend is in fact chosen. Just do your thing, compliment the bride on how beautiful she is on the wedding day – just go all natural in your speech. Of course, you need to prepare for it but ultimately it will be about what you really want to say deep inside your heart.

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