Wedding Speeches Father of the Bride: Complimenting Your Daughter

Posted on 28th May 2012 in Father of the Bride Speeches

Bride and Groom With Father before the wedding speechYour wedding speech for Father of the Bride will be a little bit skewered towards praising your daughter and all her positive qualities to the hilt. And I don’t mean modest compliments – I mean all-out superlatives that just describe how your daughter is a near-perfect goddess for her wedding. She will really need all forms of encouragement she can get from you on this special day, so think of a few sentences that will really describe her the way she deserves to be described.

There are different kinds of topics that you can talk about that will put your daughter in the spotlight, but basically you need to 1) describe how you saw her grow from being a child to a woman, 2) praise how beautiful she is today at her wedding, 3) express your pride that she is undergoing this transformation, and 4) express your love for her.

Below I am going to demonstrate to you some wedding speeches father of the bride examples, and you can copy some of them or create original ones that are inspired by these one-liners. Enjoy!

You can always recall a hilarious part of your daughter’s childhood that will light-heartedly poke fun at her, but just so you can contrast how elegant she looks today and how much she’s changed. Here are some example quotes that may inspire you:

1. One of Amy’s favorite games to play as a child was pretending to be a cowgirl with most other kids down the street. Each porch was designed to have a specific function, similar to those in the cowboy movies. Our neighbor’s kid’s porch was supposedly the bank and, tellingly, their son now works for Lloyds. And yes, that’s right – Amy’s porch was the Saloon.

2. In her teenage years Shiela perfected the art of female charm, she could talk her way out of anything… but a telephone call.

As we’ve already repeated many times on this site it is necessary that you describe in full, colorful detail, how beautiful your daughter has become for her very special day. You must not miss this, and in fact, you should be creative enough to make your own descriptions of your beautiful daughter who is now a bride. Here are some lines that may spark ideas in your head:

1. We can all see for ourselves how gorgeous Nadine looks today, which proves the one thing I’ve always known about Martin – that he’s definitely a man of vision … occasionally blurred, sometimes double, but nonetheless a man of vision who’s been lucky enough to have found my daughter.

2. And now to the most important person of the day, my daughter, Marjorie, the bride. She reminds me of the first hymn we sang today, I think it’s one of Joel’s favorites: ‘all things bright and beautiful’. These attributes obviously come from her mother because I’m not too bright and can hardly be described as beautiful.

Fellas like it when they see the father being extremely proud of his children for whatever it is that they accomplish. It’s not different in your daughter’s wedding. You must be able to emphasize how happy you are for your daughter that she’s doing one of the biggest steps in her life. You can do it either in jest or in all seriousness. Here are some funny one-liners that will truly hit it home as well:

1. Loise is the best daughter in the world – she is beautiful, charming, intelligent and, well, perfect in every way. She does everything for me – she even wrote this speech.

2. Mitch was the kind of child any father would be proud of. She excelled in sports, was popular at school, was fun to be around, was respectful to her seniors and was well respected by anyone who met her. [turn to wife] Stella, are you sure she’s mine?

Of course you love your daughter so much, right? Therefore you need to tell it in the sweetest, most adjective-filled way possible. Here are some great quotes I found online that you may draw inspiration from:

1. Diane’s priority list in life is about as selfless as it gets: family and friends first, then her job, and then herself. And anyone who can call her family or friend is truly fortunate. She is a rock, and I admire her as much as I love her.

2. Claire, you are the daughter every parent dreams of having. You have fought through some tough times with incredible determination and courage and have been successful at everything you have done. I love your sense of humor and playful nature. We have shared so many special memories together and I’m sure that there will be many more in the future. I love you in more ways than you can ever believe.

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